Brose produces door systems for the first time for DaimlerChrysler

The General Manager of Brose Rastatt, Roland Albrecht (m.), presented the door-system for the new A-class during a plant tour: (left to right) Hans Baust (Director Assembly and deputy plant manager DaimlerChrysler Rastatt), Klaus-Eckhard Walker (Mayer of Rastatt) and Michael Stoschek (CEO Brose Group).

Rastatt (November 4, 2004). For the first time, international automotive supplier Brose produces door systems in its Rastatt plant for the DaimlerChrysler Group. The official opening of the new Rastatt production site in the DaimlerChrysler industrial park took place on 4th November. In attendance were Michael Stoschek, President and CEO of the Brose Group and DaimlerChrysler executives. Brose presented its door systems for the new A-Class.

The door-systems are produced in a cross-plant collaboration between Hallstadt and Rastatt. At Brose Hallstadt carrier plates are pre-mounted with the seal and window regulator on highly automated manufacturing equipment. In the Rastatt plant up to 1,000 variants of door systems encompassing the wiring harness, door control unit, latch, loudspeaker and other components can be completed at four production lines.

The daily production rate will reach 3,600 units by the end of the year. The door systems are delivered in suspended containers on a conveyor system just-in-sequence to the assembly lines at DaimlerChrysler. This system takes only one hour from the moment production starts until delivery at DaimlerChrysler.

Brose invested approximately twelve million euros in manufacturing facilities, logistics and information technology. To support the production for the A-class, 60 employees have been hired in Rastatt and a further 35 employees work in Hallstadt for this product. In 2005 the Rastatt plant will produce door systems for other vehicles and the combined headcount is expected to reach 105.

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