3rd International Supplier Fair Wolfsburg: Brose presents innovative products

Coburg/Wolfsburg (October 26, 2004). Brose, the international automotive supplier, is to present innovative concepts in the door and seat areas at the three-day supplier fair in Wolfsburg, beginning on Wednesday, 27th October. “We have always had a booth at the supplier fair in Wolfsburg, right from the very beginning. The positive response of recent years encouraged us once again to give our customers the opportunity to assess our products,” said Brose Executive Vice-President Kurt Sauernheimer.

The Brose Group, one of the 450 exhibiting companies at Wolfsburg from 27th to 29th October, is presenting product innovations from the areas of window regulators, door systems, closure systems and seat adjusters.

In its capacity as a system integrator, Brose is presenting an innovative concept with the Brose system door encompassing all mechanical and electrical door functions. Only the production of the painted door shell remains at the automaker. Logistical, component and assembly expenditure is reduced while the level of quality increases. For the whole system there are savings of at least 10 per cent.

The flat armature motor, a new kind of drive concept, in the door proves how the automaker’s design freedom can be enhanced through integrative solutions. Moreover, Brose intends to increase its volume of business even further by providing complete solutions for opening, closing and locking vehicle doors and trunk lids.

As far as seat systems are concerned, the focus is on the comfort seat with its integrated lumbar support and massage function as well as concepts for the variable car interior. Alternative materials with weight-saving potential or function-enhancing properties are also being presented.

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