German PR gold prize for Brose

Esther Loidl (m.), Director HR Strategy (Brose), and Christian Treinies (l.), Director Central Corporate Communication(Brose), were presented the German gold PR prize by jury member Reinhard Fröhlich (r., DZ-Bank) in Kurhaus Wiesbaden.

On 10 September 2004, the company was awarded the “German PR Prize in Gold“ in Wiesbaden for the job advertising campaign “Wanted - older people“ which Brose had initiated to target older, experienced specialist and managerial staff. The German Public Relations Gesellschaft e.V. (DPRG) annually awards the prize to companies for their excellent achievements within the sphere of public relations.

“On the one hand, the jury was impressed by the company’s courageous approach - on the other hand, by the tremendous effect Brose was able to achieve with image and job advertisements, interviews and lobbying actions with political representatives on a municipal, state and national level,” said the jury members giving the reasons for their choice in the category “Individual Actions.” In March 2003, Brose had published job advertisements which expressly targeted qualified applicants over 45 years. Michael Stoschek, President and CEO of the Brose Group, had the idea for this campaign which was designed to achieve a “healthy generation mix“ of older and younger employees in order to enhance the efficiency of the company as a whole.

As a result of this campaign initiated in March 2003, the company received more than 1,400 applications within a year. Meanwhile, more than 200 job interviews have taken place. Some 50 persons in this age group have been taken on by the company.

Many 30-year-olds were also encouraged by this campaign “Wanted - older people“ to apply for jobs because they liked the idea of working for a company which would also be able to give them job opportunities later on in life.

The DPRG has been awarding the German PR Prize since 1970. This year, the jury which is made up of 24 international members evaluated more than 200 possible contenders for the prize.

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