Brose supplies door systems for new VW Passat

The employees are being trained at the new production equipment in Meerane in preparation for series production.

Meerane (September 21, 2004). The automotive supplier Brose will produce the door systems for Volkswagen’s new Passat at its Meerane plant in Saxony. The new VW car model will in future be produced at the Mosel and Emden plants. ”We will supply door systems to both production-sites on a just-in-sequence basis,” said Plant Manager Jörg Rödel. The launch of the new vehicle is scheduled for the spring of 2005.

A high degree of automation in the pre-production and assembly area is necessary if the plant is to achieve the planned production rate of up to 9,000 door systems a day. Brose is investing a total of €7 million in production equipment for the new model and is thus able to keep 140 employees on its payroll despite tough international competition.

Since 1987, the Brose Group has been developing and producing complex
modules encompassing all the technical functions in the vehicle door in one complete system. The door system business accounts for about one third of the corporate group’s total turnover of €2 billion. As a result of the expansion in the door system business, three production sites are currently being set up in Sweden, Canada and China. Given the upcoming production starts, Brose anticipates an increase in door system turnover from €620 million this year to over €800 million in 2005.

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