Brose window regulators and seat adjusters for the new Audi A6

Fewer components, compact design: lightweight window regulators with aluminum components from Brose’s modular system design

Coburg/Hallstadt (30.04.2004). Brose produces electronically controlled window regulators for the new Audi A6. This medium-sized vehicle’s comfort is also enhanced with a power seat adjuster from Brose.

The lightweight window regulator made of aluminum is based on standard components specially developed by Brose for Audi. They are used in different car models, reducing engineering expenditure substantially.

Besides intelligent systems for the automobile door, Brose has been developing and supplying adjuster systems for car seats for almost 25 years now. For the Audi A6, Brose supplies a seat chassis with its power height, tilt and length adjustment features, based on components which are already used in the Audi A4.

By using a standardized drive unit for the tilt adjustment as well as new joining technology, it was possible to achieve considerable weight and cost savings.
Brose’s power seat adjuster is geared toward the platform concept of the VW Group