Brose one of the best 10 employers in Germany

Berlin/Coburg (February 6, 2004). In January, the results of the competition “Germany’s best employee 2004” were presented in Berlin. They showed the automotive supplier Brose finishing in ninth place in the category Large Companies (up to 5000 employees). The next best-placed automotive supplier finished in 22nd position. The overall standings of the most attractive companies saw Brose in sixteenth position. The competition was organized by the economic journal Capital and the research company psychonomics.

“There is no comparable analysis of this scope with so many companies participating,“ said Frank Hauser, director of studies at psychonomics, during the award ceremony. A total of 107 companies were prepared to be evaluated by their own employees.

250 Brose employees were asked to give their opinion anonymously on the subjects of credibility, respect, fairness, team spirit and pride. Additionally, there was an extensive culture audit where the human resources departments gave an insight into actions, programs and concepts designed to maintain and enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty.

According to the economic journal Capital, those at the top of the class are in good company. “From the energy services company Ruhrgas in 13th position to the fashion giant Hugo Boss in 35th position to the multi-product group 3M in 49th place, all the companies have one thing in common: the value of the individual employee is something great importance is attached to by the top 50 companies.”

The contest was very close at the top of table with very little differentiating the companies. The first four all had an average grade of 1plus, the next seven firms of grade 1 and positions 12 to 28 - including Brose - were awarded the grade 1minus.

“We wish to meet the high demands of our international customers with dedicated and qualified employees, because global competition requires having the right products at the right time. This means our managers and working environment are faced with a tough challenge. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from our employees with regard to management, the way the company is run and our working environment proves that we are going in the right direction,” said a delighted Esther Loidl, deputy HR director.

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